Upcoming Concerts

I’m asked to play with several bands and musicians around Seattle, usually I post about it on my Facebook Page, but here you can find out where to catch me on my personal projects. If you want to know more about them and be posted for further events send me a note at info@marinaalbero.net:



  • April 31st: With Daniela Spielmann @Rhythm and Rye, Olympia (WA)
  • May 1st: With Daniela Spielmann @North City Bistro
  • May 4-6: Hammered Dulcimer Rendezvous @Sandy, (OR)
  • May 19th: Marina Albero Quartet @Ballard Jazz Walk, Seattle (WA)
  • May 20th: With Deepak Ram (venue still unknown)
  • May 26th: Coltrane’s “A love Supreme” @The Royal Room, Seattle (WA)
  • May 31st: Marina Albero, Hans Teuber and Jeff Johnson @Vito’s, Seattle (WA)

JUNE ’18

  • June 8th: With Adriana Giordano @Caffe Musica, Seattle (WA)
  • June 9th: With Serena Dominguez @Geo’s Cuban cafe
  • June 15th: Marina Albero Trio @MCGilvra’s, Seattle (WA)


  • July 15th: With Marco de Carvalho @House concert (WA)

Past shows (since I launched this website April 2017)

  • April 23rd: @House Concert “A life Soundtrack” with Evan Flory-Barnes, Serena and Marcel, Seattle (WA)
  • April 28th: Psalteri solo and workshop, Spring Fling Hammered Dulcimer Rendezvous @Sandy (OR)
  • April 30th: Marina Albero Project”, Bellingham (WA)



  • May 12th: “Serena Dominguez and Marina Albero” @Caffe Musica, Seattle
  • May 15th: Piano Solo, Kremwerk, Seattle
  • May 19th: @Ballard Jazz Festival “Marina Albero, Evan Flory-Barnes & Serena Dominguez”, Seattle
  • May 23rd: Piano Solo,  Seattle Composers Alliance @The Royal Room, Seattle


  • June 6th:  Albero, Flory-Barnes, Jones & Teuber” @The Owl’n’thistle Jam Session
  • June 9th: “Serena Dominguez and Marina Albero” w/Jeff Busch & Ben Feldman @North City Bistro, Shoreline (WA)
  • June 20th: “Dugdale, Albero, Lewis” @  The Owl N’Thistle
  • June 21st: “Giordano’s Quinteto” @ Tula’s
  • June 22nd: Solo piano @ El Gaucho
  • June 24th: “Hans Teuber & Marina Albero” @Osteria La Spiga, Seattle


  • July 1st: “Nathan Breedlove trio” @ The Royal Room
  • July 6th: “Marina Albero Ethnic Trio” w/ Farko Dosumov, Jeremy Jones and Shyam  @Tula’s, Seattle
  • July 14th, “Thomas Marriot Quintet”  @Tula’s, Seattle
  • July 25th, “Albero, Flory-Barnes, Martinez” @Owl’n’thistle
  • July 29th: “Obe Quarless Band” Brazilian and Latin Music Festival @The Royal Room, Seattle
  • July 30th, “Marina Albero Quintet”, Brazilian and Latin Music Festival @The Royal Room, Seattle
  • August
  • August 2nd: “Jazz Colony Students concert” Edmonds, WA
  • August 4th: “Hans Teuber & Marina Albero” @Caffe Musica
  • August 6th: “Deepak Ram, Marina Albero” @House Concert, Fremont (WA)
  • August 7th: “Casey MacGill” @Smith Tower, Seattle, (WA)
  • August 9th: “Marina Albero Project” @Tula’s   Seattle
  • August 11th: “D’Vonne Lewis,  Albero & Flory-Barnes”  Woodinville (WA)
  • August 12th: “Jim O’Halloran Quartet” @Bradner Gardens, Seattle (WA)
  • August 30th: Chava Mirel Band @North City Bistro, Shoreline (WA)


  • Sep. 9th: Karim Kandi Band @Vito’s, Seattle
  • Sep. 12th: Jory Tindall Band @Musiquarium, Seattle
  • Sep. 15th: D’Vonne Lewis Trio @ Willows Lodge, Woodinville (WA)
  • Sep. 16th: With Evan Flory-Barnes @Vito’s, Seattle
  • Sep. 17th: Romanian Concert @Benaroya Hall, Seattle
  • Sep.23rd: Entremundos @Burien Jazzwalk (WA)
  • Sep. 23rd: Marina Albero Trio w/Geoff Harper and Jeremy Jones @Vito’s, Seattle
  • Sep. 24th: Solo psalterium @Phinney Neighborhood center, Seattle
  • Sep. 26th: Marina Albero Trio w/Farko Dosumov and Jeff Busch @North City Bistro, Shoreline (WA)


  • October 6th: Swing night, Redmond (WA)
  • October 19th to April 2018: “Teatro Zinzanni” @Marymoor Park, Redmond (WA)


  • November 14th: “Industrial Revelation” @Nectar, Seattle (WA)

January ’18

  • January 29th and 30th: With Luis Gallo, @Tulas and House concert

New Patreon Profile

Excited to present you my latest adventure on Patreon . Now you can become an active part of my ongoing creative process. My goal is to create two high quality videos and recordings per month featuring myself and some special guests. I also have a few special projects including filming my upcoming musical trip to Havana after 20 years, release a studio recording including my string quartet and get an electric hammered dulcimer and pedalboard for my electric project! And many more ideas to come! Wanna join me?