Music Is Love

Last Minute Concert, June 19th “Music Is Love”

Please join me in a really special concert this Tuesday June 19th at 7PM. The venue is an amazing historic building in Belltown, Seattle, called Block 41.

Tickets available here: Music is Love

About the concert:

It’s time to play attention Seattle! This event is to display the real situation of being a musician in the Emerald City, where few of the emeralds make it into the hands of musicians.

We plan to share our experiences and play a concert to raise awareness of the working conditions that can tarnish our otherwise vibrant local live music scene. We believe in our audience and their right to feel the power of music move them in a way that also benefits us, your musicians.

So we’re throwing a party this Tuesday at 7pm at Block 41 to celebrate the language of love that builds bridges between hearts and souls.

We need your presence in order to make a change! Share, come and bring your friends!
Musicians get in for free (donations are welcome). General Audience $20 and up.

Marina Albero, Piano and Psalterium
Serena Domínguez, Vocals
Adriana Giordano, Vocals
Ben Feldman, Bass
Jeremy Jones, Drums
Marcel Antonio Domínguez Albero, Sax and clarinet
And many more friends that will be there!!

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