"A life Soundtrack"

Self Released 2019


10 weeks on Jazz National Charts 

1 week #25 at Jazz National Charts



With her self-released 3-CD set “A Life Soundtrack” (December 2019), Marina Albero has composed an intimate biography in the musical languages of old Europe, modern Spain, 1990’s Cuba and the US of today. Comfortable in the syntax and idioms of classical, flamenco, son and American jazz, Albero shares chapters on learning, love, loss, and life that will move and inspire you. Her musical story has been captivating audiences and musicians around the Northwest since she moved to Seattle in 2015.

“A life Soundtrack” began with 12 live performance videos produced in 2017 for her followers on You can also find a related project, “Mikrotunes”, on Soundcloud where she released micro compositions regularly (2010-2011). For the first time, Albero crosses the online border to make a 3-CD set that covers the landscape of her journey so far.

Volume #1 “Albero” was recorded in 2008 in Barcelona with her friends and family. Produced by herself and Chano Dominguez, each tune is a moment at a window in her home where it was recorded; sometimes looking out; sometimes looking in.

Volume #2 “Agua” is an all improvised work. Like water, Albero adapts herself to the territory, flows from shore to shore, from the mountain springs to the rushing rivers, stays in the still iced waters and travels to the warm Caribbean, it sometimes sounds like the hidden rainforest waterfall, other times like the water drops falling from the ceiling of a cave.. As Bruce Lee said, “Be water, my friend”. On three tracks, the unique and generous musicality of Hans Teuber creates a complete new soundscape to explore.

Volume #3 “Music is Love” is a gratitude musical statement. Gratitude towards music and all that it brings to Marina’s life. Friends, connections, learning, challenges, healing, emotions, feelings, thrives, family… LOVE. On this record, Albero plays originals and jazz standards with her Seattle band and her kids who are also musicians. Backing her up, the band is a gathering of incredibly talented artists: Jeff Johnson, Hans Teuber, Jeff Busch and D’Vonne Lewis honor with their presence a playful space for music.

Personnel in "Music is Love":

Hans Teuber: Saxophones(s), flute(s), clarinet(s)

Jeff Johnson: Bass

D’Vonne Lewis: Drums

Jeff Busch: Percussion

Special Guests: Serena Albero on vocals and Marcel Dominguez on sax

Liner notes by James Falzone and Jim Wilke

Recorded and Mixed at Studio Litho by Floyd Reitsma 

Mastering by Ferran Conangla

Cover illustration and graphic design by: Koldo Barroso


KNKX Studio Session Dec'19

Marina Albero: Piano and composition

Hans Teuber: Sax

Jeff Johnson: Bass

Jeff Busch: Drums


Made by Alberocoque around eastern Washington, 2109 


Pandemic and live music

Although I have been quite active producing and performing many live streams and online concerts, I am currently much more focused on Patreon and creating some video courses about specific musical topics as we all wait for better times to get together again.

I miss my musical community of creators and listeners so much these days! But I feel grateful for the space of instropection and calm. I feel grateful for the silence I've been gifted with and from where music and connections can flourish in solid ground, in harmony. Enjoy this upcoming perfomances live and livestreamed.

See you in the other side, stay connected.

Salut i Alegria!

15 OCTOBER 2021


23 OCTOBER 2021

Marina Albero and RHS Big Band   |Earshot Jazz Festival

27 OCTOBER 2021

MARINA ALBERO TRIO  |   Sylvia Center of the Arts (Bellingham, WA)

30 OCOTBER 2021

MARINA ALBERO'S "The Quarantine Sessions"   |   Earshot Jazz Festival


Featuring GANESH RAJAGOPALAN   |   Earshot Jazz Festival

10 NOVEMBER 2021

TRIO at Jazz Fellowship   |   Vermillion (Seattle)

11 NOVEMBER 2021

MARINA ALBERO Trio  |   Vito's (Seattle)

13 NOVEMBER 2021

Giordano & Albero   |   North City Bistro (Seattle)